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  • The Sea is a strange mirror

    By m h

  • def une autre poursuite

  • def in the sky2

  • def in the sky

  • Spiegelung

  • Spiegelung

  • Mediterráneo

    “I miss the sea. I miss the sound of the seagulls, I miss the warm sand, I miss the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. I miss being underwater and not having to hear anything and just float.” ►

  • El mar. La mar.

    El mar. La mar. El mar. ¡Sólo la mar! ¿Por qué me trajiste, padre, a la ciudad? ¿Por qué me desenterraste del mar? En sueños, la marejada me tira del corazón. Se lo quisiera llevar. Padre, ¿por qué me trajiste acá? Rafael Alberti, Marine…

  • Alien in Wien

    (on black :-)

  • Wien - Lichthof

    (on black :-)

  • THIS

  • a foggy day - Lodchjo's castle in the clouds

    (on black :-)

  • the golden line

    (on black, if you like :-)

  • black raven's self

  • water colours

  • steven-0005-edit

    // Nikon FM with Nikon 50mm f1.8 // expired Kodak Portra 160 VC
    By .acy

  • {3o seconds} eyes, heart

    2oo8; little homage to peter greenaway's 8 1/2 women. {storey emmenthal: "ear, chin, [...]."} I liked that film very much and laughed a lot although it got many bad reviews. have you seen it? what's your opinion?

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