abriwin's photos

  • Intense concentration

    Seen near Ginkakuji temple and garden, guy working on silver coins to make jewellery. He had a Harley jacket hanging on his chair. The previous year he said I couldn't take his photo ;)

  • Tea house at Hakusasonso 2

    In the northern part of Kyoto not far from the Ginkakuji temple and garden.

  • Moon over Ponte 25 Abril

    One night past full moon 22August 2013 a shot I have been trying to catch for a long time. I really ought to do a bit more work on this one, the glow over the city has been lost, needs tweaking in PS.

  • Geisha, Meiko

  • Geiko & Maiko

  • Fushimi Inari 3

  • Fushimi Inari 2

  • Close up hair

  • After the party