Fooling around with photos.

Yes, that's me.

With the FXRS in 1985.

Windmill in the Netherlands

Williams Lake, BC

White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock, BC Canada

White Rock, BC

When you look down at the ground you'll find all k…

Wheels in Clinton, BC

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Wells, British Columbia.

08 Nov 2016 2 3 133
Converted on Lunapic.

Wells, British Columbia

Water Wheel in Quesnel, BC

Waiting for the rain to stop.

17 Jun 2013 1 104
We escaped the rain and dried up in this coffee shop. They served us a late lunch. The bike was parked on the sidewalk under the awning.

Vintage Cars at the Princeton BC Car Wash.

Village of Fields in the Rocky Mountains.

19 Sep 2016 6 1 161
Tourist taking photos. I thought it was kind of neat with the reflection in the water.

View on Lac La Hache, BC Canada

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