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  • Frachter NADEZHDA

    Frachter Nadezhda (richtig geschrieben); Info: L 169 m; Br 23 m; Tiefg 6,7 m; BJ 2009; Flg Rußland; Hmthfn Murmansk; IMO 9404041

  • Naturkletterbaum

    Dieser Baum lädt zum Klettern ein - aber man braucht Spikes an den Schuhen ;-) gesehen im Uttewalder Grund bei Wehlen -


    Info: L 228 m; Br 32 m; Tiefg 9,2 m; BJ 1999; Flg Singapore; IMO 9179725

  • Be happy in Denmark

    By Rrrolf


    MARCO POLO beim Anlauf 16.10.18 im "Entstehungsort" Wismar - von hinten


    MARCO POLO von vorn; bis 1990/91 Aleksandr Pushkin; L 176 m; Br 24 m; Tiefg 8,3 m; BJ 1964/65 Wismar; Hmthfn Nassau; IMO 6417097

  • Grizzly

    As we were leaving Yellowstone National Park via the east entrance we saw this Grizzly near the far end of Yellowstone Lake. Fat and looking ready for hibernation, he (or she) was digging for food and paid little attention to the people who were watching…

  • Ann "Purdy"in Loule Portugal

  • Maple Pass

    This is where we were today - we went to see the larches at Heather and Maple Passes in the North Cascades. They were past their peak but still beautiful. We hiked a nine mile loop with 2500 elevation gain as well as a side trail to Lake Ann, visible on…

  • Grotto Geyser

    We spent several hours in the Upper Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park and left as the shadows began to lengthen. We did not see any of the geysers erupt, but several of those pictured erupt only rarely. Grotto Geyser erupts about every 8-10 hour…

  • Firehole River

    Finished at Black Sand Basin, we went on to the Upper Geyser Basin and hiked around there for a couple of hours. The Upper Geyser Basin is on the southwest side of Yellowstone National Park and is where Old Faithful spouts, though we did not go to that e…

  • Crested Pool

    Crested Pool is one of the geothermal features in the Upper Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park. From the vantage point of the photo the Firehole River is visible in the middle distance and another part of the Upper Geyser Basin nearer Old Faithful…

  • Keine Bange!

    Tanja ist ne ganz perfekte und zeichnet jedes Glas Gelee ab! Tolle Frau! 1:1 heißt das Verhältnis Zucker/Frucht. 1a und 1b waren private Abweichungen .

  • Sunset Lake

    Sunset Lake is one of the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park and in Black Sand Geyser Basin there. The temperature of the water determines the kind and color of the cyanobacteria which color these hot springs.

  • White Dome Geyser

    White Dome Geyser is along the Firehole Lake Drive in Yellowstone National Park, and while we did not see it erupt on this occasion we've seen it do so on other occasions (see insets).

  • Nordby Kirke

    HFF from Nordby to all my friends
    By Rrrolf

  • Clepsydra Geyser

    Clepsydra Geyser is in the Fountain Paint Pots area of Yellowstone National Park. This was one of the few geyser basins where we could find parking and having found parking, we walked the trails and boardwalks there. This geyser spouts almost continuous…

  • Fountain Paint Pots

    This photo was taken fro the boardwalks at Fountain Paints Pots in Yellowstone National Park and in an area where the hot water has killed the trees.

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