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  • Schornstein der Boudicca

  • Kreuzfahrtschiff BOUDICCA im Dock

  • Snowshoe Tracks

    Taken as we went up to Artist's Point near Mount Baker on snowshoes. These tracks were in the basin below us near Upper Bagley Lake. We had near-perfect weather for our excursion and the light and colors were magnificent.

  • Gelber Steinbrech (Pic in Pic)

    Frühlingsboten in meinem kleinen Garten

  • Mount Baker

    I was back in western Washington for a few days last week and had the opportunity to go snowshoeing to Artist's Point. Artist's Point lies at the end of the Mount Baker Highway between Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan and provides fabulous view of both peak…

  • Rote Tulpen - Frühlingsboten

    best on black

  • Reptilien 1943

    M.C.Escher englisch

  • Red-winged Blackbird

    This, I believe, is a young male Red-winged Blackbird, photographed on one of our bird feeders. When mature the red markings on his back will disappear and he will develop much more striking red and yellow shoulder patches. A mature male bird is shown i…

  • Begegnung 1944

    Das Helle und das Dunkle ergänzen sich - wie im Yin und Yang - Das Ende ist versöhnlich - sie geben sich die Hand - M.C. Escher englisch

  • California Quail

    These quail come looking for birdseed under the bird feeders we have up and occasionally come up on the porch looking for seed. This male was on the porch on a snowy day and seemed more interested in keeping warm than in feeding. It's obvious, too, from…

  • Wildschwein

    Im Wildgehege Hinzistobel bei Ravensburg (1 Pic in Pic)

  • Makro - die Spitze einer Kugelschreibermine - Mein erster Versuch mit meinem neuen Objektiv

    Seitenansicht (Pic in Pic)


    Motoryacht auf der Kieler Förde

  • Dark-eyed Junco

    This charmer has gone through several name changes since I came to know him. I learned first to call him an Oregon Junco, then a Black-headed Junco and now he's being called a Dark-eyed Junco, but by any name a cute little bird. Those that come to our f…

  • House Finch

    I believe this is a House Finch and not a Purple Finch. I find them very difficult to tell apart and they are both found in our area.

  • Hairy Woodpecker

    This elegant gentleman has been coming to our bird feeders recently. I believe his name is Leuconotopicus villosus (Hairy Woodpecker). He comes especially for the suet we put out but is shyer than his wife who also comes (his wife doesn't have the red o…

  • Schach für Grobmechaniker

    Gut Holz in der Hand - gute Strategie im Kopf. Spielfigurenverdichtung ist gewollt. Kein Grund für lange Wege oder große Sprünge. In der Beschränkung zeigt sich die Meisterschaft. In nuce!

  • Hafen Museum 2018

    PiP: Luftbildaufnahme aus den 1930er Jahren, Fotograf Gustav Werbeck, Archiv der HHLA
    By Rrrolf

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