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  • brothers...

  • imperfect

    You're looking for perfection, look in the mirror. If you find it there, you may expect it also elsewhere. - Unknown author -

  • demσcrαcy

    sculptures by Susan Lordi Democracy thrives on the dispute, the debate around the right way. Therefore, respect for the opinion of the other belongs to her. - Richard von Weizsäcker -

  • un très bon Dimanche à vous tous et toutes pleins de gros bisous

    By vero

  • Curruca tomillera Sylvia conspicillata orbitalis, Ssp.(♂)

  • L'hiver au Pont-de-Montvert

  • petit baluchon pour un grand bonheur

    adieu cév'haine... bonjour floryde *^* (photo support prise sur le net)

  • AS0P2966

    By ZaR

  • AS0P3637

    By ZaR

  • Hell und dunkel

    der Bodensee

  • ekorre2

  • August in the garden

    Explore 14Jan

  • Selective Colour!

    For The Sunday Challenge. A composite of two photos. The dolphins often swim along the beach where I walk.
    By Lynne

  • The River of Dreams.....!!!!

    Inspired by Billy Joel All rights of this picture are reserved by "het broertje van..", and therefore can not be used without my permission.......thanks. Janwillem

  • Rocky mountain

    at the beach near rocky hills,thanks for you visits*
    By Elene

  • Dartmoor weather

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