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  • Fyksesund

    Fyksesund is a fjord in the municipality of Kvam in Hordaland county, Norway. The 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) long fjord is a branch of the main Hardangerfjorden. The fjord is spanned by the Fyksesund Bridge, which was opened by Crown Prince Olav in 1937. Ple…

  • It's time for a shower

    Steinsdalsfossen in Hardanger is a popular place to visit in both summer and winter. You can walk safely, without getting wet behind the waterfall, which is a special experience. I have taken a picture earlier here showing the same place, but then in the…

  • Ce matin..................

  • Lunch Creek Gulls

    ©Mitch Seaver - All Rights Reserved. See more at Mitch Seaver - Alaska Photographs

  • Sunset Tide Pools

    ©Mitch Seaver - All Rights Reserved. See more at Mitch Seaver - Alaska Photographs


    Une fleur de cobée , plante grimpante . Voir la note .


    Le château en reflets .

  • massai woman

  • Wish to have such beauty in March-April 2015 !!!{Explore}

    This year in last monsoon season Kashmir valley was totally flooded. Our best wishes and prayers to Almighty God for speedy recovery to normal and happy life for dear brothers and sisters in valley with courage to bare heavy losses of life and property.

  • DSC6809

    By Bubu

  • DSC6876

    By Bubu

  • rain

    By Bubu

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    Un artiste est passé par la.

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    Toujours vivantes.

  • Gifts of the forest

    Geschenk des Waldes und Bewohner der Waldes Thanks so much all friends for stopping by with awards, faves, invites and comments on my photos Best in Light View

  • Autumn Romance

    Thank you very much to all Ipernity-Friends for the honourable Explore ♥♥♥ Best in light box - See on black

  • colour bath

  • Clin d'oeil

    Martin Piché photographe © Tous droits réservés

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