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  • Argia, Mediterranean black widow,Malmignatta.

  • Ecce Homo

    Auguro a tutti una buona Pasqua,

  • So Gothic!

  • Blood & Gold

  • Griffe d'Ange

  • After the rain

  • Festive bouquet for all Women in the World

    Best Wishes to Internatinal Women's Day 8. March !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Estampe

    - «L'espace d'une vie est le même, qu'on le passe en chantant ou en pleurant.» Proverbe japonais En grand sur noir, vraiment.

  • Garder la forme


  • 20070929 0294c

    Nallikari beach in Oulu, Finland

  • Fantasy

    The moon and the sun, without them there would be no trees or tides nor life as we know it.... Taken from the original, see Note
    By Joan+

  • Bocana del puerto de Andratx


  • Muscari

  • ice_blue

    This iceberg freshly calved from Glaciar Grey and brought us this incredible shining blue to turquoise ice. More images will follow later. About 10 meters tall above the water level the whole - also in the base area huge - iceberg broke apart in two large…
    By Berny

  • Jacaranda blooming.

    Wish you a joyful new week. 10-Week Picture Projects: TREES, Wk 10 (March 09-15): Flowering or Fruiting Tree(s) **************************************** **************************************** ********* The species are shrubs to large trees ranging…

  • 15 17

    Que j'ai hate d'etre sur le bord de l'Atlantique.

  • spring is coming

  • Quadrimage 1 : Geosymetrie

    en Grand en passant la souris ♫♪ . . ♫♪

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