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  • lamborghini tractor

    castignano italy

  • Lac-à-la-Tortue, Mauricie, Québec

  • 20090601 9999 43c

    Dangers of belly tickling

  • Germany - Lage, watermill

    The watermill in Lage was first officially mentioned in the year of 1270. It was about 200 years later that King Philip II of Spain, as ruler of the Netherlands*, approved building of a mill on the river Dinkel. It is supposed that this was a reconstructi…

  • the painter

  • kansby

  • Close to sunset @ Deer Lake

    A nice sun reflection on Deer Lake in Burnaby.

  • Un homme et son cochon ou un cochon et son homme....

    Cienfuegos - Cuba.

  • gabriele il barbiere

    Ripatransone, Italy

  • = Maria Callas: Epitomy of Elegance =


  • Sara's dreamy corset heels

    Avec / with permission........ of my beloved friend Elzbennet alias Sara.

  • Envol... Liberté je crie ton nom !!

  • Rouquin est..

    By Brunot

  • HFF...Hallo Friends & Fans ;-) Christine & René

  • Waiting for action

  • 209/366: Aliens or Flower Buds?

    I love the shapes of forming flower buds. They are so varied and sometimes they don't look anything like a bud at all. These are a perfect example—they look like some sort of strange triple-headed space alien! I took this picture during the garden tour t…

  • au bout du regard

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