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  • Un barco en la cima (Parque Rural de Anaga, declarado reserva de la biosfera. Al nordeste de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Islas Canarias)

    Ver nota

  • Romantische Hafenstimmung

    see ob black...

  • Baby on Tour

  • European Hornet

    Vespa crabro Frelon Hornisse

  • DSC0010 Kobra-un brésilien

    Voir la note Gimiks Born: Australien peut être

  • Château 009 (Suscinio) Façade

  • Creatività di bordo - (480)

  • rêve

  • Peruvian Lily

    Cropped only; otherwise untouched

  • oeschinensee

  • couleur pastel

  • Comb Duck (Male)

    The Comb Duck is an unusual, pan-tropical duck, found in tropical wetlands in sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and south Asia from Pakistan to Laos and extreme southern China. It also occurs in continental South America south to the Paraguay River region in…

  • nuvole e sole

    By Bubu

  • Friendhip...

    Evgenia is my daughter and Marianna the daughter of a friend family

  • * Initiation Day *

  • *** XVII - THE STAR ***

    The Star (XVII) is the seventeenth trump of Tarot decks ~ Calmness — Free-flowing love — Trust ~ Tranquility — Peace of mind — Pure essence ~ Hope — Serenity — Inspiration — Generosity ~ Optimism — Joy — Faith — Regeneration ~ Good will — Optimism — Harm…

  • *** Leonora ***

  • ~ Autumn Fairy ~

    .. Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame. ~William Butler Yeats, "The Land of Heart's Desire," 1894

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