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  • Going for gold

    I set out for a walk this afternoon in bright sunshine. As I walked through the woods, a thick mist descended. As it rolled in, it produced a beautiful golden glow, but it only lasted a few minutes. Just after I took this shot, it became very dark. And ve…

  • Silhouette

  • Automotive aristocracy

    A beautiful old Rolls Royce at the Tewkesbury Classic Car & Motorcycle Show last summer. It has a very cool emblem on the rad which you can just make out here. 5 bracketed shots, merged in Photomatix.

  • Brooding skies

    St.Ives Bay in Cornwall. Changeable weather!

  • Leighton

    Taken at The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester back in January. This was my first outing with my new 7d, so I was pretty pleased with what I came away with. Athough my fav bird was the Eagle Owl, this was probably my fav shot of all.

  • Gloucester Docks

    Taken back in December, spent 10 minutes or so getting this shot. Result, numb fingers! Worth it though.

  • The Bond

    This is one of my favourites from my shoot on Sunday. My two subjects were beautiful, and the sun stayed out most of the time. The best thing for me though, was to witness the bond between them. They have been together 11 years, and the horse had been ver…

  • bridging_the_gap

    ...between us & them
    By Berny

  • Winter Sunrise

    Sunrise at Manor Park (Larchmont, New York) ahead of an approaching snowstorm—February 21, 2015. This sunrise occurred over a largely ice-covered Long Island Sound during what proved to be an especially cold February.

  • Spring Conversation

    The placement of trumpet daffodils (Narcissus ‘Glenfarclas’) creates an image of a conversation between the two flowers at the New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, New York)—April 19, 2015

  • The charge of the Lambs' Brigade

  • Mers les Bains

    ..... est le joyau balnéaire de la Somme avec un secteur sauvegardé de plus de 300 maisons datant de la Belle Epoque. La Belle Époque, c’est une période de fastes en Europe dans la seconde moitié du XIXème siècle et le début du XXème. On la nomme de mani…
    By Eve

  • Parque de Nacoes, Lissabon

  • Garbage 1890

    Recreated: Mamaroneck, NY For more info: See Garbage 1890 Article

  • Man to man

    Mandrill ♂
    By FMW51

  • Je vous ai à l'oeil.

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