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  • Women in the trunk

  • Power ist nothing without control

  • Atis & Enjoy

    Atis & EnJoy

  • 20150215 7567c

    Kiipun shadow of the wind, European shorthair

  • monkeying

  • bride

  • edinburgh

  • Regarde moi bien !

  • Carnaval

  • The woman with the pearl earring

    Apologies to Vermeer!

  • 90-010-014

    Año 1990. Negativo Ilford FP4.
    By Vte.

  • Capvespre - Atardecer - Late afternoon - Un soir

  • 70/100x ~windows & doors~

    That's my girl....posing pretty in South Hampton this summer :)~

  • 99/100x ~windows & doors~

  • ~windows & doors~ 2014 edition

    ...all 100 of them ! (I couldn't get webgobbler to work)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~panning~

    Omygawd, how hard was this !?! I spent HOURS on this, HUnDreDs of frames, went through 2 or maybe 3 batteries, (I lost track) and still couldn't come up with a sharp image !! The weather conditions were not cooperating. My day off was brutally cold but al…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~doors~

    Perfect for my obsession of course =D This one is my own French door between the living & dining room. When we first bought the house we were advised to remove this entire wall for 'open concept'....I would have no part of it. I just love the character…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~looking down~

    Wishing all of you a blessed Easter :))))

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