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  • The Sunday Challenge ~panning~

    Omygawd, how hard was this !?! I spent HOURS on this, HUnDreDs of frames, went through 2 or maybe 3 batteries, (I lost track) and still couldn't come up with a sharp image !! The weather conditions were not cooperating. My day off was brutally cold but al…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~doors~

    Perfect for my obsession of course =D This one is my own French door between the living & dining room. When we first bought the house we were advised to remove this entire wall for 'open concept'....I would have no part of it. I just love the character…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~looking down~

    Wishing all of you a blessed Easter :))))

  • Essaouira - The sea watchers

    It is only early in the morning that the fitting people of Essaouira can to see if the sea is still in place. It is only at this moment there is not a rush of tourists :)

  • Lucky Fisherman ...

    Morocco - Ain Atiq Beach

  • Gooood Moooorning Essaouira

    Jeune (grisard) Goéland leucophée - Young Seagull

  • Rabat - Fort de la Calette Lighthouse

    Morocco - Rabat - Fort de la Calette - The lighthouse

  • Fantazia Ryder - 2

    Fantazia Fantazia is a traditional equestrian performance practiced during cultural festivals in Morocco,and occurs traditionally to close Berber wedding celebrations in Maghreb. Fantazia is an imported name, the actual traditional term used is "Game of…

  • Looking down at Misty

    For the Sunday Challenge: Looking down I didn't really know what to do this week, plus we've had visitors staying over Easter, and my usual thinking is "When in doubt, shoot the cat", so here is our cat Misty from the top - she's on my little footstool,…

  • Many directions

    Hong Kong financial district

  • Sizing me up again!

    Black-backed Jackal

  • 080/365

    A bit of street art. A friend of mine makes thrilled photos of stencils, pasteups and graffito. She has infected me a little with it. I never really paid attention before. Since I'm doing, sometimes I find things that I like.

  • 095/365

    too many? for the sunday challenge: "looking down"

  • art seller ~ kunstverkoper

    Hong Kong nightmarket.

  • Medinight II

    Lomo LCA, 32mm/2.8, Neopan 1600 Ref: 2010 03 LCA Neo1600 01070003p h800

  • Break On Through

  • Victoria Falls

  • Liebesschlösser

    Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Kanarische Inseln, Spanien
    By Ur@nos

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