• Colosseo Panoramic Rooms.

    Only some minutes ago I became aware this is a Bed & Breakfast building. Great view over the Colosseum. At Via Nicola Salvi, Rome.

  • Colosseum.

    Seen from Piazza del Colosseo, Rome.

  • Garden.

    Within Roman Forum, Rome.

  • Aquaduct ruins.

    Within Roman Forum, Rome.

  • Ruins.

    At Roman Forum, Rome.

  • Ruins of aquaduct.

    At Rome, within Roman Forum.

  • Palatine Stadium.

    At Rome, within Roman Forum.

  • Maxentium Basilica.

    On the right: Saint Francesca Romana Basilica. All located in the Roman Forum.

  • Belfry of Saint Francesca Romana Basilica.

    At Roman Forum.

  • Via Sacra, viewed from the archaic necropolis.

    Inside Roman Forum.

  • Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, as a shield of Saint Lawrence of Miranda Church.

    Different ages coexisting in Roman Forum.

  • Umbilicus urbis.

    Symbolic centre of ancient Rome: from here were calculated the distances to everywhere else in the empire. Located at the Roman Forum.

  • Temple of Saturn.

    At the Roman Forum.

  • Carved details on Settimio Severo's Arch.

    At the Roman Forum.

  • Remus, Romulus and the she-wolf.

    Replica outside the Capitoline Museum of the original exhibited inside. The she-wolf was achieved in the 5th century; Remus and Romulus were added during Renaissance - a curiosity of Rome.

  • Upper passage of Capitoline Museum.

    At Via del Campidoglio, Rome.

  • Church of the Holy Name of Mary and Trajan's Column.

    At Piazza del Foro Traiano, Rome.

  • Trevi Fountain (18th century).

    At Piazza di Trevi, Rome.

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