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  • Clérigos Tower.

    Viewed from the balcony of shop at Carmelitas Street, Porto. It's a part of Clérigos Church ("clérigos" means "clergymen"), whose roof is barely noticeable on the left of the tower.

  • Peacock and chick.

    At the Crystal Palace Garden, Porto.

  • Mercedes-Benz O 405 (1994).

    It used to be bus n.º 1580 of Porto collective transports. It was adapted as a library bus and this photo was taken at Crystal Palace Garden, Porto.

  • Café Progresso (1899).

    Located at Ator João Guedes Street, it's the oldest café in Porto.

  • Tiles by Joana de Vasconcelos.

    On building at Ator João Guedes Street, Porto.

  • Baptist Church (1908).

    Located at Mouzinho de Albuquerque Circus (Boavista Roundabout), Porto.

  • Arrábida Bridge (1963).

    Seen from River Douro, this bridge was built by Edgar Cardoso and connects Vila Nova de Gaia (on the left) to Porto (on the right).

  • Cranescape.

    At Porto riverside, between Ouro Street and Arrábida heights.

  • Former Customs of Porto.

    A view from River Douro.

  • Terreiro Square, on Porto riverside.

    A glimpse into the historic centre of Porto, UNESCO heritage since 1996, from River Douro.

  • Cruise boat crossing.

    On River Douro, downstream Infante Bridge, with Vila Nova de Gaia as background.

  • Freixo Bridge (1995).

    This road bridge allows motorway A-20 to cross River Douro. Porto riverside can be seen on the left.

  • Railway bridges over River Douro.

    Dona Maria Pia Bridge (the nearest one) was built in 1877 by Gustave Eiffel. The next one is São João Bridge, built in 1991 by Edgar Cardoso, because the old bridge was considered unsafe for railway traffic.

  • Infante Bridge.

    This road bridge over River Douro connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia.

  • Fernandine Wall (14th century).

    At Guindais, Porto, it is viewed from River Douro.

  • Tricycle.

    Spotted at Mouzinho da Silveira Street, Porto.

  • Fortress of Saint Francis Xavier (17th century).

    Located at Castelo do Queijo, Nevogilde, Porto.

  • Cruises terminal of Leixões, Matosinhos.

    Viewed at distance from Castelo do Queijo, Nevogilde, Porto.

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