Sinai 2006

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Round the round: Expedition Diving and travelling. (MEMOIRES)

Sinai 2006

22 Nov 2014 1 124
Operation Wallacea ; Sinai 2006 Marsa Bareika Marine Station, Ras Mohammed National Park. Yasser, Cap'n. Ali Magruder and various Scientists & divers at the end of the season)

Sinai 2007

31 Jul 2007 2 221
Operation Wallacea ; 2007 (Diving Heath & Safety Officer) My Desert-proof expedition Guitar and amp - (Hofner & Pignose) Comes apart, goes in with the dive gear, it still goes everywhere. - And here it is; Dec 2014!

Marsa Bareika 2007

02 Aug 2007 1 197
Operation Wallacea ; S. Sinai 2007 (HSO) With my good friend and colleague, Mr. Said; One of the commercial divers for the Ras Mohammed National Parks Service. (I'm holding an AGA old school full face mask with comms.) Beautiful evening solo dive at sundown. I am blessed.

Sinai 2007

27 Nov 2014 1 101
Operation Wallacea ; S. Sinai 2007 (HSO) Some Bedouin logistics and support staff; and 4 police dudes in white for tea.

Marsa Bareika 2007

20 Jul 2007 2 228
Operation Wallacea ; S. Sinai 2007 (HSO) Tooled up at the Lab, with the Ras Mohammed Parks Service ROV, featuring Said and his assistant Mahammed. (1/2 million bucks)

Sinai 2007

21 Jul 2007 1 113
Operation Wallacea ; S. Sinai 2007 (Health & Safety Officer) At the Camp, one of my duties as HSO turned out to be amateur dentistry on Sheikh Soliman's teeth. (I had one of those clove oil kits as we were there for some weeks.) The Bedouin kids don't get 'sweets' as such, just lump white sugar; and no toothbrush. Consequently all their teeth are terrible and most Bedouin seem to suffer with dreadful cavities and ulcers. Do what you can I s'pose… In the 3rd World there is no 'health-care' system as we know it in the West.

El Tour 2007

09 Aug 2007 2 142
Gomaa West Sinai Bedouin. Borrowed my goggles: Lookin' good!

Sinai 2008

19 Jul 2008 1 126
Operation Wallacea ; E. Sinai 2008 Marine Side (DOM) Team 1 week 1

Cairo 2008

07 Jul 2008 1 128
Operation Wallacea 2008 (Dive Ops. Manager) Staying at Director Zalat's apartment, central Cairo. First morning window view. Heading for the Desert sooner rather than later...

Marsa Bareika 2007

16 Jul 2007 1 168
Operation Wallacea ; S. Sinai 2007 (Zone B) (Diving Health & Safety Officer) Ras Mohammed Marine Station; Cops come for Apple Tea & cigs.. All smiles here! (Me, Dobres, Yarsley) btw (Check the Army Military Intelligence watching us from the hill.)

Nuweiba 2008

25 Jul 2008 2 106
Operation Wallacea ; E. Sinai 2008 (Dive Ops.Manager) Home for 6 weeks.

Varne Bank 2007

30 Nov 2014 1 122
SeaSearch (MCS) From my dive computer; 2nd Dive profile. Memorable shallow, bright & Zen 20m viz dive at Varne Bank , in the middle of the English Channel, for the Marine Conservation Soc. (Survey logs are on the MCS site)

Arctic 2004

27 Mar 2004 3 2 111
Jarfjordbotn 2004 Ice diving prep. (-15C) "Shall I get in now?"

Arctic 2004

28 Mar 2004 1 188
After a dive, changing Guitar strings outside at -10C (No wind) (Prepared Guitar?) Thx Stevo Breen, one of the 'Happy Hut Club' team, for taking this shot with my camera.. (A semi-selfie) Scan from print. Film: iso800 Ilford B/W And thanks for the loan of the Guitar, Lars-Petter Øie.

Arctic 2004

29 Mar 2004 1 112
Ice diving; Jarfjordbotn 2004 (Snowing -20C) Carrying lead and eating a hard-boiled egg. Taken by fellow member of the 'Happy Hut Club' Caspar Tybjerg with my camera Scan from print. Film: iso1600 Ilford B/W

Marsa Bareika 2007

11 Aug 2007 1 93
Operation Wallacea: S. Sinai (Marine side 2007) (HSO) Ras Mohammed Marine Station. End of season partial staff group

Marsa Bareika 2006

10 Jul 2006 2 135
Operation Wallacea: S. Sinai Ras Mohammed Marine Station Labs. Dive Instructor Stevo Breen (NZ), displaying a 'Crown of Thorns' Starfish. (Dried)

Neweiba 2008

07 Aug 2008 3 126
Operation Wallacea 2008 ; Nuweiba E. Sinai (Dive Ops. Manager) Feral Camel scavenging bins in the centre of town. Logged on to FaceBin.

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