• Above Calvi Looking East

  • Corsican Rock Formation

    These karst rock formations up the hill from Calvi look like sculls tossed along the landscape.

  • Beach Quality Inspectors

    Somewhere between Sagone and Piana.

  • Asphodelus Ramosus

    This flower (Asphodelus ramosus) is begging for recognition as we travel the west coast of Corsica between Ajaccio and Piana. Another Link in the Chain. White petals to white petals.

  • Karst Formation in Corsica

    Near Calvi.

  • South of Corte

  • Mid Day Break

    Time to close the shop and take a mid day break. Bastia.

  • Bastia Scene

    Another Link in the Chain. Lamp (on the left side of yellow building) to this lamp.

  • There Are No Straight Lines in Corsica

  • I Could Use a Little More Sun

    This slender fellow had the place to himself before we came along. Italian Wall Lizard. Podarcis sicula. Another Link in the Chain, snake reptile to lizard reptile.

  • Soveria, Haute-Corse

    Hff June 19

  • From the Desk at my Hotel

    Les Roche Rouge in Piana, Corsica.

  • Bastia Harbour

  • Not Ready for Prime Time

    We stopped on a Corsican beach today. This beach was not ready for prime time but I am sure that it will be ready for the summer assault by vacationers.

  • Rainy Evening

    A rainy evening in Bonafacio does not mean that I need to park my camera.

  • Bonifacio Harbor at Night

    From our hotel room in Bonifacio, Corsica.

  • Upstairs

    A night shot in Bonifacio.

  • Moon and Bird Over Pointe de la Parata

    Please expand the photo.

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