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  • Grain Truck and Bins 01

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Pre and post-produced photos. See the flat untouched, except for converting to jpg, raw photo. Also, there is another photo of the same items in context.

  • 9200223


  • Semi-sweet

    Some crystallized semi-sweet chocolate chips for Macro Monday 2.0

  • Discombobulated Opus

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Use the edge of the photo to cut a subject in half. Opus appears once again in another film noir. Is he skulking or plotting?

  • Pine Siskin

    Caught this little bird through a window today. Its friends have come in large numbers at a time to our feeders in the past few days. It is like a scene out Hitchcock's "The Birds."

  • Charging Station

    Saturday Self Challenge: cube, rectangular or square. Nothing fancy this week, just a smart phone and iPad charging station in the waiting area of an automotive service center. Taken with my iPad, while waiting for my car to be serviced.

  • Bubbles on a Blustery Day

    Saturday Self-challenge: High shutter speed. I could not decide which photo to present this week, so check out the PIP and tell me which one you prefer.

  • Dragonfly in Flight

    The PIP has another high shutter speed photograph.

  • Nature and Industry

    An old couple, in the park, pointed out this perspective for me. Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Child in Jolly Jumper

  • Yellow Wild Flowers

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Intentional overexposure. SOOC. Normal exposure is in the PIP.

  • Plasma Tea

    Saturday Self-challenge: Make a picture through a pane of glass. Here is a tea cup through the pane of glass in a china cupboard.

  • Tennis Serve

    If you are not ready, it is already too late. This ball is coming right at you.

  • Phone Cord

    For Macro Mondays 2.0: Part of a phone. This is a grey phone cord, it is not a b+w photo.

  • Calm Before the Tournament Storm

    The courts are ready for the tournament that is about to start. For the Saturday Self-challenge: deep depth of field.

  • That Awkward Stage

    Juvenile Blue Jay.

  • White Petunias

    Monday Macro 2.0: White flowers

  • Grass

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Shallow depth of field. This one is so shallow that only part of the head of grass is fully in focus.

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