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Boytalk? (Seriously improbable!)

Boytalk?  (Seriously improbable!)
How old do you have to be to be a nun? Are some nuns still girls?
(If you know the rules on this stuff, please fill me in! Thanks!)

There seem to be so many Catholics in the world. How many would there be if they had had a chance to think before they were baptized?

Would you (if you are now officially Catholic) been Catholic now if given a choice?

R.J. Moody
R.J. Moody
I was raised Roaming Catholic,
I even went to Cataclysm,
The Nuns there scolded me
And sent me to the Concession Booth
Where I tried to buy a popcorn
And was told to say 6 Hail Mary’s
…I never got my popcorn.
But I did get hit with a ruler once,
So I understand the Christian way.

Luckily for me there were 2 Jewish homes on my block where I could take refuge whenever nuns were in the vicinity.
6 years ago.
qwurky has replied to R.J. Moody
Yes, Randy --

I remember key elements of your story -- which isn't so bad if it's made you the fine kind of guy/goy you is!

6 years ago.