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  • Pickpocket in action! WOW! SWEET!

    Barcelona has some very talented pickpockets! (I was a victim of a truly masterful "dip" a few years ago. It was a great experience if you are overly rich.) (I am not overly rich. It was not a great experience for me!)

  • Jose at his home on the plaza

  • Spot the artfully hidden tattoo!

  • Claudia smiling tongue out portrait

  • Money belt in time of world-wide downturn

  • And then she snappeed his wrist!

  • Bench-sitter on Gal-la Placidia and pigeon strolling without its leash

  • The green arrow, unlike other parts of this shot, is not plastic!

  • Ain't love grand?

  • Check the guy who overdid his dieting!

    (Hint, he's dressed in a skull-white outfit!)

  • How many differences can you spot between this one...

  • IMG 1015

  • The earphones that never leave home without a human!

  • ...and THIS one??

  • Take away the shadows, people and background, and this shot is ZILCH!

  • Time out from a life totally out...

    Epitome of The Leisurely Life in Barcelona thesedays!

  • Classic Barcelonese cellphone technique!

    Don't believe the sign: he is NOT a WC!

  • The search for TRUE meaning in life is endless!

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