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  • Phoenix

    The Phoenix is a ship built by Hjorne & Jakobsen at Frederikshavn, Denmark in 1929, originally as an Evangelical Mission Schooner. Twenty years later she retired from missionary work and carried cargo until her engine room was damaged by fire. In 1974 she…

  • Dandelion Seeds 1

    My favourite from the weekend, messed with battery powered Christmas lights, distance to background, angle etc. Always had mono in mind, had six complete Seed Heads to play with :-)

  • Dandelion Head

    The weapon of choice, last weekend, seeking complete Seed Heads, to blow away, was fun, now I realise I am going to regret it later this year, when they germinate more baby dandelions in whats left of the lawn :-(

  • Dandelion Seeds

    Messing in the garden, plenty of messing, as plenty of weeds and Christmas tree lights :-(

  • Bluebell Woods

    It is that time of the year, Bluebells are out.

  • Learning Editing

    This photo was discounted last year, the girl on the left, originally had her eyes closed in the image, the girl next to her had sunglasses on in the next image. I do not own (or want to) Photoshop, but had a go in Helicon soft, stacking software, allowed…

  • Elan Valley

    Up in the Elan Valley, never been up there, when you do not have to wait long for some great light, with some stunning views.

  • Barmouth Bridge

    From a while back, starting to get the long exposure bug again.

  • Ross on Wye Mono

    Got time today to process, and decided mono was the way to go, edited within Nik pluggin, silver efex pro, which teased some great detail out in the sky, finally got a mono work flow that I like :-)

  • Ross on Wye

    Ross-on-Wye is a small market town with a population of 10,700, in south eastern Herefordshire, England, located on the River Wye, and on the northern edge of the Forest of Dean. Spied this view many times from the M50/A40 heading home to Wales, stopped t…

  • A Welsh Coastal Sunset

    Always a photo to had at Llantwit Major, day or night, played with SPE for the effect in this shot.

  • Elmie & April

    Mum and Daughter, just after Aprils birthday dinner.

  • Everlasting Flower

    hopefully this weekend, spring has finally sprung, have good one.

  • Sterling Castle

    Stirling Castle, located in Stirling, is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland, both historically and architecturally. The castle sits atop Castle Hill, an intrusive crag, which forms part of the Stirling Sill geological formation. It…

  • Sea & Rocks

    Liked watching the waves break over the rocks, and the little cascades that followed, it was getting late, and I had to get back to the hotel, but got a summer working down in north Cornwall from time to time.

  • Oceanspray

    Could watch the waves breaking all day.

  • Trevose Head Landscape

    A 70-200 landscape. I will share a mistake I made on this trip, I had some gear stolen from the back of my car while I was getting changed last year, finally resolved, I got two new lenses, both with Tamron's G2 VC. On the shoot, took some long exposure s…

  • Trevose Head

    Got a few to share, different lenses, technique's, all over a 20 minute period, then another 10 minutes just before leaving. This shot was three images (@ f6.3), focus stacked. One valuable lesson learned, that I will share on the next upload!!!

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