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  • Ornate.

    Absolutely stunning.Octagonal, with every square inch covered with frescoes or paint, and the impact is amazing.Your are surrounded by art.

  • The Organ

    Small is beautiful, is that the prettiest Church Organ you have seen.

  • Piazza della Vittoria

    Piazza della Vittoria, named "piazza Maggiore" until 1924, represents the heart of the city of Lodi: in particular, the basilica Cathedral of our Lady of the assumption one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Its floor plan has remained fairly unchan…

  • Tempio dell'Incoronata

    Researched and found this church, what a place, will post more photos, and provide the history. Only regret, was not having a wider lens, but it was smaller than the pictures reflect.

  • Lodi Castle

    Lodi is a city and comune in Lombardy, northern Italy, on primarily on the western bank of the River Adda. It is the capital of the province of Lodi. the photo is I believe Lodi Castle, can find little information about it!

  • Claerwen Dam

    Looking along the access road to the lower part of the Claerwen Dam.The Claerwen reservoir and dam, were the last additions to the Elan Valley Reservoirs system built to provide water for the increasingly demanding city of Birmingham, in neighbouring Engl…

  • Garreg Ddu Dam & Foel Tower

    Taken from the other side of the road, looking along the lead in of the bridge, a remarkable location the Elan Valley, greats shots to had, whatever the weather.

  • Craig Goch Dam

    Did this in mono before, looked again, and decided the colour was worth posting as well :-)

  • A Welsh Scene.

    A modern scene really, idyllic field, grazing sheep, and ghastly black plastic bales.

  • Down on the Farm

    Taken from up on the top of the Claerwen Dam, in the Elan Valley. It was pretty strange almost surreal, standing up there in the rain, taking a photo of the farm below in bright sunshine.

  • Garreg Ddu Dam

    Some nice late afternoon light, on the arches of the submerged Garreg Ddu Dam. Great trip up to the Elan Valley, used this trip to take just one lens, the 70-200mm Tamron G2, worked around the shots, its capabilities and really learn how to use it.

  • Top of the Dam

    A rather stark shot of the top of the Claerwen Dam, I liked the light and the solitude.

  • Tempted

    Nearly had this Chaffinch in the car, paid me a lot of attention while having my lunch, tempted him closer with a ready salted crisp :-)

  • Curious Sheep

    I have not seen a sheep so white in ages, or one so curious.

  • Craig Goch Mono

    Another angle of Craig Goch Dam, zoomed in a bit, converted to Mono.

  • The Tree and the Dam

    Really liked the way this autumn coloured tree clinged to the side of the slope, leading up to the Claerwen Dam.

  • Aligned

    Squeezed around the corner, to align the pump house and the tree in the background, made for a balanced shot, at least I thought so :-)

  • Elan Valley Waterfall

    Probably the most photographed cascade in the Elan Valley, well certainly the easiest to get too.

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