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  • Inside Llandaff Cathedral 1

    Spent a couple of hours at the Cathedral Sunday morning, great place, with oodles of history, liked every thing I looked at.

  • Inside Llandaff Cathedral

    Jacob Epstein's aluminium statue of Christ in Majesty which stands between the Nave and the Choir and "breaks", without interrupting, the view of the whole building from the top of the steps inside the West door to Geoffrey Webb's Jesse window at the East…

  • Llandaff Cathedral

    Llandaff Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral and parish church in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales. It is the seat of the Bishop of Llandaff, head of the Church in Wales Diocese of Llandaff. It is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and three Welsh saints: Du…

  • 1st Severn Crossing

    The Severn Bridge is located close to the former Aust Ferry. The bridge is a suspension bridge of conventional design, with the deck supported by two main cables slung between two steel towers. In 1966 the cables supporting the bridge deck were spun from…

  • 2nd Severn Crossing

    Same bridge as the picture before, different perspective, taken later in the day from up near Tockington, off the Gloucester Road, another view I have spied many times, and thought there must be a photo there.

  • The New Bridge

    The Prince of Wales Bridge is the M4 motorway bridge over the River Severn between England and Wales, inaugurated on 5 June 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales to supplement the traffic capacity of the Severn Bridge built in 1966. The bridge is operated by Hi…

  • Pensive

    pensive [pɛnsɪv] ADJECTIVE :engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought. "a pensive mood" Synonyms: thoughtful · thinking · reflective · contemplative · musing · meditative · introspective · prayerful · philosophical · cogitative · rumin…

  • Collage 2018-08-12

    Happy Birthday to Aaron, 18 years old today, we are proud of you son, and the young man you have become.

  • Juvenile Northern Wheatear

    Originally discounted both the Wheatear shots, because of the busy background.

  • April Posing

    Finally, got one of the little one on her terms, dressed to go out.

  • Juvenile Wheatear

    A Juvenile Northern Wheatear, from the archive. Do not do nearly enough wildlife photography at the moment :-(

  • Brecon Cathedral interior

    I am not in any way religious, but can not help but always feel in awe, at the engineering brilliance that goes into these buildings.

  • Found a Monk.

    Found a Monk tending his garden. This is the main entrance, kind of low key, but beautiful once inside.

  • Eating Again

    Pilgrims is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm in winter and 9 am to 5 pm in summer Alongside the Heritage Centre, a very popular restaurant has been established. It offers traditional home cooking for every occasion. Toni and Andy Borgia, the Concessionaires,…

  • Elmie 3 X

    Messing again, these seats in the Cathedral where made to be used, being so early in, they did not mind, I did ask, honest :-)

  • Inside Brecon Cathedral

    Brecon Cathedral started life in 1093 as the Benedictine Priory of St John the Evangelist, built by the Normans on the site of an earlier Celtic church. At the dissolution of the monasteries in 1537 it became Brecon's Parish Church. It became a Cathedral…

  • Dinner Time

    Common Buzzard, found a little something to eat. Now the commonest and most widespread UK bird of prey. It is quite large with broad, rounded wings, and a short neck and tail. When gliding and soaring it will often hold its wings in a shallow 'V' and the…

  • Penarth Promenade

    Bit more of an expansive shot, the promenade, stone beach and a bit of sea, would have been nice to have had a slightly wider bit of glass, maybe next time :-)

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