Nick Eady.'s photos

  • Louvre

    From last year.

  • April 2017

    Had to be done before the tree comes dowm.

  • Lucy, Beth & Zoe

    Three of my beautiful nieces, L-R, Zoe, Lucy and Beth, god help the lads.

  • A Carriage Awaits

    My Goddaughter, now Mrs Sheehan, just after the Wedding Ceremony at Hedingham Castle, Essex, Monday 18th December 2017.

  • Elmie, Aaron & April.

    Same wedding, colour shot of the family.

  • Elmie, Aaron & April.

    Family shot, Wife, Son and Daughter in mono, at a recent wedding.

  • Street Life

    Street Life. The innocence of youth, and the knowledge, someone is always worse off than you.

  • Ornate Door

    Probably the most ornate door I have seen, taken looking up unfortunately to avoid other photographers heads.

  • The Restaurant

    Having lunch, kept looking down the restaurant, and thought, I like this view. spent a bit of time debating with myself, colour or mono, decided mono was the way to go.

  • Mushroom Season

    It is that time of year again, great fun hunting round :-)

  • Amalfi Mono

    Another holiday snap of the fantastic Almalfi Coast Line.

  • Campania View

    Liked this framed view, beautiful part of the world with a fantastic coastline.

  • Sculpture

    Any of you who have been to Sorrento would recognise this wall art/sculpture, kind of reminded me of the Prometheus characters.

  • Bike

    I had a mono in mind the minute I looked up this street.

  • Amalfi Coast

    Taken looking back from the break water.

  • Sunset Sorrento

    another great sunset, hardly a breath of air around, but what a life.

  • Amalfi Harbour

    this just worked for me.

  • Evening View

    Cut through to the marina, walked past this most evenings, had to grab a shot, had a great time in Sorrento.

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