Fall River Tour

2013-05-18 SNEC-SIA Fall River

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  • Fall River Tour

    Starting point of SNEC-SIA 2013 Spring Tour, at Gromada Plaza across from City Hall on the former location of the Granite Block. The Academy Building is in the distance. SNEC-SIA, Spring Tour, May 18, 2013. Fall River, Massachusetts

  • Pocasset Mills

    Circa 1920s photo of Pocasset Mills on Pocasset Street. Founded in 1821, the Pocasset was the third textile mill to be established on the Quequechan River. The original mill burned in 1843. The Pocasset Mfg. Co. also built two other water-powered mills, t…

  • Quequchan River Valley

    View from Bedford Street looking toward Central Street with the Pocasset Mills site at center, shortly after the Great Fire of 1928. The three mills of the Robeson Print Works can be seen at the right of the photo, beyond the rubble.

  • Pocasset Street

    Circa 1929 view looking west along Pocasset Street. The Robeson Print Works mills are on the right, followed by the Fall River Mfg. Co. Mill. The sprawling American Printing Company complex is in the distance.

  • Fall River Mfg. Co.

    1961 Photo of the demolition of the Fall River Manufacturing Company (AKA "White Mill"). The Fall River Manufactory was the first cotton mill established along the Quequechan River in 1813, by David Anthony, Dexter Wheeler and several others with ties to…

  • Anawan Mill

    The original Anawan Mill was built at the second falls from tidewater in 1825 by the Fall River Iron Works. This is the rebuilt 1888 mill that was demolished in 1905 for American Printing Company Mill #7.

  • Metacomet Mill

    Circa 1905 photo of the dismantling of the Anawan Mill for APC Mill #7, next to the 1846 Metacomet Mill. The Metacomet was expanded shortly after this photo was taken with the top floor flattened to a full story and a large ell added to the left side.

  • Mill #7

    American Printing Company Mill #7 (built 1905-6). Also known as Iron Works Mill #7. Built over the Quequechan River at the site of the Anawan Mill.

  • Mill #7

    Detail of the buttressing on the east side of American Printing Company Mill #7.

  • Mill #7

    The engine house of American Printing Company Mill #7. The two rectangular granite pieces above the arches read "1825" and "1905" for the date of the original Anawan Mill and the date of this mill, respectively.

  • Metacomet Mill

    Metacomet Mill (1846), the oldest remaining mill in the city.

  • Fall River Tour

    Tour participants view the falls at the Metacomet Mill, one of only two places where the Quequechan River is still visable. SNEC-SIA, Spring Tour, May 18, 2013. Fall River, Massachusetts

  • Quequchan River

    November 2005 photo of the Metacomet Mill dam in heavy flow (compare with previous photo).

  • Metacomet Mill

    View of Quequechan River flowing under Metacomet Mill. Note remnant of penstock above stone arch. Built in 1846, the Metacomet was originally contained two turbines, likely manufactured across the street by Kilburn & Co, who had recently develped a versio…

  • Roundhouse

    View of the rear of the Metacomet Mill with the Old Colony roundhouse in the foreground, and the original Fall River Iron Works buildings on the left (by this time part of the Fall River Machine Company). The roundhouse was relocated as part of the 1902-1…

  • Borden & Remington

    The former Borden & Remington building (ca. 1895). Eastablished in 1834 by Hale Remington, a dealer in dyes, chemicals, paints, etc. The company was previously located across the street. Borden & Remington (aka Boremco) is still in business occupying the…

  • Anawan Street

    View of lower Anawan Street looking west. The Borden & Remington building (ca. 1895) is on the left, with the three large storehouses of the American Printing Company on the right. Larger than some mills in the city, these buildings were not used for manu…

  • Fall River Tour

    Here, I point out the 1907-8 reinforced concrete oil tank containment building to tour participants. The building was demolished in late 2013 as part of MassDOT's project to remove the double-decker viaduct system in the distance. (Photo by Tom Paterson)…

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