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Jorge and I have been following an UNID on 9191v with Koranic chanting.
I first heard it at around 0230 approx
and it was then on 9190.96 but drifted down to 9191.21 when heard later.
It is now 0347 and although the carrier
is still there it fluctuates. I am pretty certain I did hear some
announcements. At times it is drownded out by OTHR pulses
presumably form Aktori Cyprus. I am surmising that judging by the
decreasing signal the sender is in daylight,
presumably the Horn of Africa or close by. The Koran chanting lasted for
over an hour so definitely an Islamic station.
Anybody have any ideas where it is possibly located?

Robin L. Harwood
Editor - "Spotlight on SWLing" - Amateur Radio magazine