The day after, part I

Puppet |reality| show

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The day after, part I

peace returned yes, there's no place like home

Lorelei, die Tuna Fresserin

Puppet with a string

static in a box, whatever is the color


goes with self-satisfaction

I want my starbeurk-coffe

I don’t care what’s out of the mirror


she got cans, and she drank them

Quadrature du cercle

« A force de péter plus haut que son cul, le cul finit par prendre la place du cerveau » (Julos Beaucarne)

you're a bird now

But be carefull, a cat could burn your brain...

le bonheur est dans le pré, reloaded

Browsing quietly a Square meadow Waiting for a wolf in a Cayenne Supposed to pay fairy tales, To forget that every life is a Wreck