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  • Barb Wire Fence

    On the forecourt of a vineyard, somewhere in Some winery in Australia. I enjoyed watching small children stick to the barb wire, but I missed that moment.

  • Performance Art

    He’s either getting out of or falling onto the sofa. Who knows?

  • Discrimination

    I was upset that this wasn’t on offer to men, I could have done with some extra pocket money. I called Simone to complain, and told her that I liked to “express myself” too. She put the phone down on me.

  • The Graffiti People’s Army

  • Recycle

  • liquid city


  • Pole dancer, Melbourne

  • Distant City


  • Graffiti People

    Hosier Lane

  • Graffiti People

    Hosier Lane

  • St. Kilda mural

    Tricky internet connection again. Hope to post a few more pics and get commenting again soon.

  • Luna Park, St.Kilda, Melbourne

  • Ghost Signs

    Originally built as a house in 1871, the building became politician Bert Edwards’ famous tea room in 1913 and was a particular hotspot on Friday nights when the rear of the shop was used for playing the then-illegal game of two-up. It later became the Met…

  • A Postcard from Sunny Adelaide

    They’re planning to transfer me to Old Melbourne Gaol next, a step up, if you ask me. Ned Kelly was hanged there.

  • Mavis in Adelaide

    Found this pasted to a wall. It could have been from Tim Lukeman’s “Descending Mavis-A Dream Book”.

  • Punk tram Glenelg

  • Black Swan with attitude

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