Steve Bucknell

Steve Bucknell

Posted on 09/09/2014

Photo taken on May 24, 2014



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From The Diary of a Snail

From The Diary of a Snail
From The Diary of a Snail

Window today:
easy climbing, smooth ,
wet with rain, good traction,
but felt...high up...
Glad to get to other side.

Quiet day in shell, reading,
thinking and writing a little,
stopped in late.

I made
delicious lettuce soup,
I read a little Spurgeon:
“Around the Wicket Gate.”
I have to agree when he says:
“Sometimes silence is better than speech.”

Aching ganglia, dry radula,
sore foot , contracted.
No appetite for anything.
I felt a singular darkness grow within me.

Translated Hadrian’s “Animula, Vagula, Blandula”
just now. Used my own
helical verse-form.
Pleased with the result:
“My sole, my wandering foot,
Pale companion of my shell...
To what unknown garden
Will we go today
To sup sweet dew
And pass the time away?”

Last night, under a hedge,
found a skull, went inside .
Thought it like a large shell.
Chewed a little of it for calcium,
very useful and tasty.

Noticed new snail nearby.
Lovely neat spiral
and pretty mantle showing.
Really wanted to go over...
But too shy, too worried
about getting pregnant.

Rumination, lucubration,
involutional melancholy,
recursive, solipsistic.
Sometimes the path is not the way.
Sometimes the examined life
isn’t worth living.

A real joy tonight:
looking back behind my shell
as I painted, with my lubrication,
an abstract in the moonlight.
Called it “Fulgence”,
signed it and left it there.

Reading Grass today:
“From the Diary of a Snail”.
mostly German politics.
No interesting snail facts;
but “resolute as a snail”
an excellent phrase!

At the corner, a sexual encounter:
sudden, quite anonymous,
we interlocked for hours,
gripped by pleasures:
wave after wave.
Afterwards, sated,
I felt depraved... but happy!

Some call me erudite,
sesquipedalian, dilatory,
living on a spiral stair
in a haunted cupola,
prey to fits, déjà vu,
and passing blackbirds.
Well, they’re right: that’s me.

Wrote out my list
of favourite sayings:
“Learn to live in a spiral of uncertainty.”
“Contraction is a virtue.”
“Best foot forward, only foot.”
“Chew everything over.”
“Slow down.”

Sudden dark:
stepped on, I think.
Shell broken, excruciating pain.
Dragged myself home under pot.
Last entry. For God’s sake, please
be careful where you tread.
I feel ...afraid.

Steve Bucknell. 10.09.14.

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Giorgio Bree
Giorgio Bree
In a sunny and quiet morning,
from my own shell,
living close to the Hadrian's villa,
I can tell:

Darkness is just a rotating game, everyday it comes and goes
For calcium drink my water
What does it mean to be depravated?
Be erudite if you want,
but never to be afraid!
Even if god doesn't exist and you feel to be a snail on ground of France.
4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell has replied to Giorgio Bree
Deprevated is a new word on me, Giorgio! But, no doubt, it means enervated by depravity.
4 years ago.
Cheryl Beal
Cheryl Beal
4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell has replied to Cheryl Beal
Exactly what my wife said...
4 years ago.
I was beginning to miss them...
This one is a girlsnail after my very own heart. And she's right: sometimes the examined life is not worth living. Not really... And as for living in a spiral of uncertainty...well, I would have liked to meet her and compare notes. Pity she's been just crushed...:-(
4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell has replied to dolores666
Snails are hermaphrodites, Dolores, a mix of both worlds. Crushed, yes, but there may still be hope...
4 years ago.
Dear snail
I carefully read your diary.
I sincerely hope you “go today to sup sweet dew” and “resolute as a snail” be happy!!
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell has replied to J.Garcia

Shell cracked..
not broken. Begin to think,
with care, I may keep on.
Crawled to the skull:
for food and protection.
hope to repair.
Felt better today.
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
dolores666 has replied to Steve Bucknell
SO glad to hear this! She's most welcome to come & convalesce in my garden. Skulls provided free of charge. PS. Can't be helped. To me she is a she. Projecting? Certainly. Why not? :-)
4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell has replied to dolores666
We'll have to agree and disagree.To me he is a he.But that's no problem for a hermaphrodite beast.We are conjoined! I name this snail Doloresteve . ds...we are !
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
the incredible how
the incredible how
I hate it when I go out in the dark and chuck the ball for the dog and don't use the torch and ... crunch...
4 years ago.
Steve Bucknell
Steve Bucknell
Me too!
4 years ago.
forever is a long time
forever is a long ti…
love it!
4 years ago.
Tanja - Loughcrew
Tanja - Loughcrew
I feel for her ;)
22 months ago.