Roy Lowry's photos

  • Goodbye

    After limping with a lame duck for over 4 months I've come to the conclusion that logging into Ipernity simply isn't worth the effort so I won't bother in future.

  • Violet Carpenter Bee

    A carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea) feeding on flowers in Avignon. The speckled appearance is due to a liberal dusting of pollen picked up from the anthers of the flower that appear and rub down the back of the bee as it enters the flower.

  • Black Kite in Flight

    A black kite flying over the River Saône illuminated by evening sunshine.

  • Black Kite

    A black kite perched in a dead tree on the River Saône.

  • Early Morning Mist

    The mist hanging over a field alongside the River Saône tinged with colour by the rising sun. There are a few Charolais cattle in the field, one of which is being overflown by a curlew.

  • Saône Sunrise

    A shot at dawn taken on a recent trip on the rivers Rhône and Saône on MS Lord Byron.

  • Holly Blue on Hawthorn

    A holly blue butterfly somewhat upstaged by the hawthorn blossom on which it is feeding.

  • Orange Tip on Bluebell

    A male orange tip butterfly feeding on a bluebell flower at Burton Mere Wetlands.

  • Smoke Tree

    New foliage on our garden smoke tree illuminated by some evening sunshine.

  • Nomad Bee

    This is one of three species of nomad bee (not a wasp) that are currently paying the Andrena colony in the garden a lot of attention investigating a nest burrow. They are a type of cuckoo bee that lay their eggs in the nests of mining bees. When the eggs…

  • Epistrophe eligans (m)

    One of over 20 species of flying insect in a square metre patch at Burton Mere Wetlands. These included blowflies, hoverflies, wasps, solitary bees and nomad bees. With such biodiversity it's amazing I found time to look at the birds!

  • Acrobatic Reed Warbler

    A reed warbler engaged in acrobatics collecting nesting material from a reed stem in a strong wind. Photographed at Burton Mere Wetlands.

  • Garden Siskins

    A shot snatched through double-glazed patio doors of a pair of siskins on a feeder in the garden. Posted because this is the first time in 31 years living in the house that I have seen siskins in the garden.

  • Tawny Mining Bee

    A tawny mining bee feeding on apple blossom in the garden. This bee doesn't have pollen baskets and so the pollen collected is simply stuck to the thigh and belly fur.

  • Bombus pascuorum

    One of the larger diners on the blossom of the garden apple tree was this common carder bumblebee.

  • Apple Blossom

    We have a small apple tree in the garden which is absolutely laden with blossom this year. The flowers have opened over the past few days and the ripe anthers like in the shot above are being visited by a dozen species of bees and hoverflies that are rece…

  • Godwit in a Flap

    A black-tailed godwit getting excited at Burton Mere Wetlands. Mrs Shoveler is not amused!

  • Godwit Gathering

    One of the groups of black-tailed godwit, many in summer plumage, on the Inner Marsh Farm flash at Burton Mere Wetlands.

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