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  • Peacock Butterfly

    About to take off! TSC-Texture. (Sorry to confuse,I accidentally posted the original earlier!) Happy Sunday!

  • Katula!

    For TSC-Advertising poster.Inspired by the famous Hammer House of Horror films from the 70s!(Being a cat,its Hammer Mouse of Horror,obviously!) No cats were harmed in the making of this poster.And Tallulah is a sweetheart,really!

  • Pink n prickly!

    For 12 Months in colour-August-Pink/White

  • Up close and personal...

    With a grasshopper! For the Sunday challenge,taken at ground level.Have a great day y'all x

  • A South Staffordshire Sunset...

    For The Sunday Challenge and 12 Months in Colour-July -Orange.Have a great Sunday and week ahead : o ) (Explore,thank you x)

  • D for Dangling

    For Alphabetical photochallenge

  • Beautiful backdrop

  • A collection of Shadows

    For The Sunday Challenge. Ive never done collages so its a bit 'safe'! Have a great Sunday lovely people : o )

  • Fiery orange veins

    ( 12 Months in Colour-July-Orange )

  • Hoverfly-Helophilus Pendulus.

    Sometimes called a Sunfly,I call them Hello Pennies! (Explore,thank you x)

  • Orange sparkle

    ( 12 Months in colour-July-Orange )

  • C for clear...

    For Alphabetical Photochallenge (C-Clear)

  • Clems

    For The Sunday Challenge-At the Market.Also 12 Months of Colour-July-Orange Have a great Sunday everyone!

  • Its a little crowded on here!

    Soldier beetles are everywhere!

  • Buzzing in black and white

    ( Alphabetical photochallenge-B-Buzzing) I thought Id do something a little different for this challenge,I hope you like it! : o )

  • Skipper butterfly

    Enjoying the clover! (Explore,thank you x)

  • Big Sky (Not the Sunday Challenge)

    Was going to be my Mood Evoking image for TSC,the view is my local nature reserve.When I saw this I thought "Time to go home!!" Hope everyone enjoys this new group,its a great idea and I wish it success! : o )

  • Treasured Memories

    For the Sunday Challenge… Some people find graveyards morbid,depressing or sad,not me,I love the peace and tranquility.This is a local graveyard and I think its beautiful! Have a great Sunday and week ahead : o )

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