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The First lesson (7)

The First lesson (7)

"What's wrong?"

"I'm hearing things..."

"Like what?"

'Voices. They sound mad. I think it's Steph's dad..."

"Her father was abusive, I take?"

"Yeah. Guess it makes sense I'm hearing him down heEERR--!!"


"I'm okay...just slipped on's a bottle for pills...this is a bottle, right?"

"Peculiar. Stephanie was an addict at one point in her life."

"No! She would never! But...her mom was....wait, I see something!"

'You should probably stay clear of it."

"It's Steph! W-why's she chained up!?"

"Jackie, don't get any closer, this is--"

"Steph! Steph!! Oh god, you're bleeding! I'm gonna get you outta there, just---my powers aren't working!!"

"Jackie, your abilities are limited in here, there's nothing you can do!"

"I gotta save her, I gotta---"


"A door? But....Black Mask?!"

"Jackie, this is just a memory, you can't prevent this!"

"Get away from her!! I'll hurt you!!!"

"Jackie, stay away from it, you could---"




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Lego cool dude
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