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The First Lesson (5)

The First Lesson (5)
"i-I don't get it, J'onn. What is this?"

"No matter how peaceful and happy someone is, every one of us has a dark corner in their mind."

"This looks like a giant safe. Nothing that dark about it. Doesn't look like it belongs here, though."

"People like Stephanie will try to keep they're darkest thoughts and memories locked away from their conscious, but will always be a part of their mind. This safe is a manifestation of Stephanie locking away her worst."

"But it's still here in this form. A reminder of all her pain she hides does she do this?"

"The good in her mind clearly outweighs her evil. nonetheless it's wise to stay away from barriers into darkness like this. It's quite fortunate you're too inexperienced to pry your way into this barrier."

"I don't wanna be around it anyway. I don't feel right just looking at it. Whatever's in there isn't my business...."


"...uh, J'onn?"


"Should it already be open?"

'Get away from there, now!!"


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