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The First Lesson (3)

The First Lesson (3)


Where am I? Steph was right there, but there's just flowers now. Alot of hills around here, too. Are those floating trees? This is so weird...The sun's out. looks like it's setting though. I can hear birds, and there's this nice breeze. And it smells so fresh out here. I...I like it. It's beautiful!

"Jackie? Can you hear me?"

"J'onn? Where are you?"

'I'm monitoring you telepathically. You only need to hear me. Is everything okay?"

"It's...better. A-are you seeing this?"

'Yes. This is a peaceful mind, but--"

"It's so beautiful! The grass is green, the air smells fresh, birds are singing and it looks amazing! can feel the wind and smell the air. How does that work?"

"Imagination and memories work well together. These are forming Stephanie's current mental manifestation, and your astral projection can feel every bit of it. You experience what she experiences in her mind."

"That's why I feel so good right now. Steph's always happy...wait a second. J'onn, you see that?"

"A tree? it appears to be bigger than the others."

"I think I see people by it, too..."