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The First lesson (1)

The First lesson (1)
" was a field of flowers. But there was like this small stream of blood running through it."

"Was the boy injured?"

"He had this nasty gash on his head, but he was pretty much okay. Y-you said i entered his mind, right?"

'Indeed. Over the millennia I've existed, I've never been able to completely predict the mind due to the many ways it can manifest itself. It constantly changes with thoughts and physical interventions, like an injury. Memory usually had the greatest influence over how a mind manifests itself, however."

"Ohh! When I talked to the boy's parents, they said his grandma had a farm with a field that blooms all kinds of flowers in the spring! The boy spends his summer there, too."

"And those bombings happened not very far away from the summer season. Is everything making sense to you now, Jackie."

"Yeah, sorta...How do I leave someone's mind, though? I wasn't able to to that. The boy smacked my hand away and pretty much kicked me outta his head..."

"hat is something we'll work on. I only wish we had another human with us right now..."

"We're humans!"

"Robin And Spoiler. Welcome back. Excuse me, but might I know your true names?"

"Sure! This is Tim Drake, my boyfriend. I'm Stephanie Brown. I'm uh...kinda a big fan."

"Stephanie brown. I know you. my niece speaks of you whenever I see her. It's a pleasure to be properly introduced to you."

"Uh..hehe...same what's going on? Do you feel any better yet, Jackie."

"I, uh.."

"He's progressing well. He's learning to control his telepathic abilities quicker and quicker. Quite impressive for someone his age."

"The voices are getting quieter...."

"What did we speak of, Jackie? They're not voices in your head, they're simple thoughts. Calling them voices as you do implies insanity. You're far from insane."

"Right. I'm sorry..."

"That's good to hear. You need some help?"

"Convenient that you ask. We were just speaking about an experience Jackie had during the mass bombings in this city not long ago. He entered another person's mind."

"Whoa. you can jump into people's heads too?"

"It's not like that Tim. I can't really get out by myself..."

"I wish to show Jackie how to enter and leave a mind properly, but he won't be able to practice on me. We need a human volunteer."

"Oh, I'll volunteer!"

"Seriously, Steph?"

"Yeah, why not? Sounds cool, and I wanna help Jackie, too."

'Splendid. Just sit down, Stephanie and Jackie take care of everything else."

"i-I will?"

'Yes. All you need to do is clear your own mind and put your hand on her head."

"I'm ready!"

"...I don't wanna."

"What bothers you, Jackie?"

'Yeah, what's wrong, little buddy?"

" just doesn't seem right. Jumping into people's minds. The mind is the mst private place someone has. What's it worth is someone can just go walking around it it like nothing? A-and what if I mess with something I'm not supposed to? Could I hurt her?"

"Jackie, you're nowhere near trained enough to telepathically attack another person, There is no risk. And considering her enthusiasm, I'm confident Stephanie trusts you."

"He's right. Everything's okay, Jackie. If there's anyone I trust, it's you."

"I'm sooo offended!"

"Shutup, Tim."

"Any time you're ready, Jackie..."