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"'re outta your damn mind. From me that's saying something."

"J! Oh god, you're awake!"

"This is my house..."

"Y-you yelled at me not to bring you to a hospital..."

"I did?..."

"Christ, J, you need a doctor! You lost so much blood!"

"No! I can't risk it. Just throw me on the couch there..."

"J, just change your pants and we can bullshit something for the hospital! This is Gotham, for fuck's sake!"

"I can't lie down with this fucking arrow in me. Could you?..."

"P-pull it out?"

"Just grab it and rip the sonuva bitch out."


"AH, holy fuck!!"

"Blood's not even coming out of the wound! J, I know a good doctor, okay? She'll help you, I swear!"

"I'll survive this, Linda, just have some...KEVIN! That's fucking nasty, get away from that!"

"J, seriously, you're dying!!"</i.

"You'd be surprised what I've been through. I've had much worse than....oh fuck, didn't I censor you!?"

"Please, I don't want you to die, I need you!!"

"Hey, I can't die. How can I when I made a promise to you? That'd be...that'd be..."

"J!! J, stay with me!!! J!!! J!!!!"