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Bloodfall: Just Who's the Damsel in Distress Here?

Bloodfall: Just Who's the Damsel in Distress Here?
Must've been a hard-ass plank of wood or I've really been underestimating Linda.That swing knocked Merlyn down. It was an opening I couldn't refuse. while we was down, I grab one of the arrows he dropped and slammed it into his knee. The scream of agony was some nice relief from my own. That pissed him off for sure. But if anyone's pissed around here...

"J!! Oh god, what happened to you?"

"The fuck you think you're doing!?!"


"I told you to fucking run!! You'll die here!!"

"I-I tried but I just...then I heard an explosion and then--"

"God fucking dammit why don't you listen to me!? If something happens to you, I'll..."


Lightheaded...losing blood. Forgot about all that. Lost balance, damn near fell on Linda and crushed her. So first i had to get out of here, now I gotta get out of here and make sure this idiot doesn't get killed because she didn't listen to me.... and now i feel horrible for saying that. She did save me....shortly after I saved her. Christ, who's the damsel in distress here? She's even picking me up and propping me up on her. Now we're running through the docks while my vision's getting all blurry. I'm honestly surprised she's able to support my big ass while we've got a pissed-off assassin after us. Speaking of, just felt an arrow wizz by my head. Awesome. he should've got a headshot,though. Something's up. I have Linda turn us around, and sure enough there's Merlyn aiming at us. he fires another arrow but misses again. Right after he falls to the ground on one knee, the other one still stuck with an arrow through it. Yeah, sucks having one of those go right through your bone's don't it you dick? Anyway, his injury was probably what was fucking him up, and now he was pretty much incapacitated. Right next to some conveniently-placed Jerry cans. Gonna test our luck and hope those are full of some flammable shit. Vision's too blurry and i'm far too weak to throw a goddamn paper airplane. Hell, I'm losing consciousness right now. Only one thing left.



"on my belt....a knife with an orange bar or something in the handle..."

"I see it, what about it?"

"It's explosive. push the button on the hilt and you have three seconds."

"W-what do you want me to do?"

"Those jerry cans next to Merlyn..."

"I-I can't throw a knife! There's no way I'll--"

"Just chuck it near them...the explosion will do the rest...hurry!"

Her hand is shaking. Merlyn's trying to string his bow. He'll probably have a better shot kneeling like that. Linda just chucks the damn knife and it lands perfectly next to the jerry cans. We turn and book it as quick as we can, but the explosion and heat wave hit us the instant we turn. I think everything got brighter before it all got black....