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Robin Investigates: No Secrets

Robin Investigates: No Secrets
Steph's radio signal was lost, but her tracker signal wasn't. It lead straight to that sewer outlet. Before I could get to her, though, I had to deal with Penguin. He was still in that stupid rubber duck boat that was now a beachside fire. He was out cold so getting him out wasn't much of a struggle. cuffing him, I left him there on the sand and made my way into the sewer outlet. The R-sub was just outside the entrance, now beached from shallow waters. Luckily it has countermeasures to dig itself out. So I think. Anyway, it's floodlights lit up the tunnel, and the thing I noticed was how the water wasn't flowing out anymore. it was just still and full of trash. Among that trash were broken parts of Steph's Jetski. How'd she even get in here, and how'd she crash and tear a carbon fiber Jetski apart like that. I go down further following the tracker signal and see even more trash. Well, more like scrap and rubble at this point. Like an explosion happened in here. Steph's signal was now coming from directly below all this. I started to get really scared. Did she get crushed by this? I start moving whatever I can out of the way and I saw that the rubble was blocking up what looked like an old shaft. Steph was about 10 feet down there. I move some more rubble so I can get a better look. I see her at the bottom in a pile of scrap. Alive and well, for the most part. Thank god.

"Spoiler!! Can you hear me?"


"How'd you get down there?"

"I-I don't know! Get me out of here, please!!"

With pleasure. I take my grapple gun out and shoot it downwards, giving her a line to grab onto. She does, and I reel her up. When she reaches the top of the shaft I help her up and notice some things. She's breathing a bit heavily, and it looks like she's shaking a bit. When she says "thanks", there's not that usual happiness in her voice, because y'know, Steph is always happy.

"How did you?..."

"Followed your tracker, lead me here."

"I-I don't know how I ended up down there, really."

"Uh, there's your problem right there. One of Penguin's mine's must've blown up when you rode up in here, shoving you in that shaft and blocking it off with the rubble it made. And wrecking your new Jetski,,,"

"Great. Bruce is gonna love this. D-did you get Penguin?"

'Yeah. he hit the shore hard, boat went up in flames. I got him out and he's tied on the beach out cold."

"G-good. Nice job..."

" alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just kinda jolted it all. Let's get out of here..."

Well clearly it's more than that. I don't like it when she keeps secrets from me.