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Bloodfall: Hero's Death?

Bloodfall: Hero's Death?
Upper left ribs aren't broken. They're shattered and there are pieces dancing around in my body. This fucking sucks. Makes fighting Merlyn a bigger pain in the ass than it should. He should be dead by now. if I kept my armor on he would be. Fucking sense of honor. All it's got me is an arrow narrowly missing my heart. Worst part is I'm getting lightheaded too. Losing blood from how much he's sliced me up. He's pretty much kicking my ass now. I fight as hard as I can but at this point it's just wearing me down. I gotta get out of here somehow. Merlyn's not having that, though. He's gonna do everything to kill me. And that's what he does. One hard kick in the abs was enough to put me on my ass. I'm sitting on the ground bleeding to death with an arrow aimed at my skull. Well, All I can say is that died as I lived: fighting until some fucker's dead.

"I'm not going to lie, Mr. Davao. You're by far one of my most difficult targets. Know that in death I have nothing but endless respect for a fighter like you. But now I must give you a hero's death."

Hero's death....wonder if I ever deserve one of those? Was i ever a hero? I've saved tons of lives but wiped away so many others....holy shit the stupid things you think of staring death down. Wait, who's that behind Merlyn? Oh for fuck's sake....