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Stephanie's Journal: Monophobia

Stephanie's Journal: Monophobia
...Waking up, not knowing what just happened or where I am. Worst part is this is nothing for me. Alright, I was chasing Penguin on my awesome new Jetski, dodging explosives, we were close to the shore, than then there was an explosion. I think I remember a tunnel, then lots of dirty water, Aaahh, no! My Jetskit! I didn't even have it for 10 minutes and it's already wrecked! Bruce is gonna be so ticked... Whatever, he's probably got three or four of them back at the cave. I just need to figure out where I am and how to get out of here. Stupid dark in here, better light a flare. Alright, It's a room. Connected to the sewers, but there's no doors. Must be a shaft.....I don't see anything up top but it's probably my best way out. Just gotta....where's my grapple gun!? How did I lose that!? Must've fallen off of me when I fell down here or something. Starting to really hate this place... everything looks unstable, too. No one's been here in decades. I can't explode my way out of here or I'll proably be crushed to death. It's so quiet down here. I can't even hear any water above. Whatever I fell somehow got blocked up....I'm trapped.... alright, calm down, you can just call someone. You're not Bruce, you know when you need help. Just call Tim in and....static?! Seriously, no signal!? I thought these things were military-grade!! Oh god, I might actually be trapped down here. There's no-one here for me...I'm all alone....oh god, I'm all alone...


What? Light?...

"Spoiler! Can you hear me?"