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Stephanie's Journal: Meltdown (2)

Stephanie's Journal: Meltdown (2)
Just as Jackie was completely losing it, Tim snuck up behind in and stuck him with something. I thought Jackie was immune to sedatives? Apparently not all of them. One Tim shot him up with....whatever it was, Jackie's screaming stopped and he fell over. I walked up and saw him ball into a fetal position. He wasn't screaming anymore, but I could hear faint whimpers in between heavy breathing. His hair was drenched in his own sweat, and he was shivering. I could hardly look at him without wanting to cry a bit myself. What's wrong with him?...

"W-what do you just hit him up with?"

"I dunno. I just carry it around in case something like this happens."

"You don't trust him?..."

"Of course I do. Bruce, though..."


"Yeah, whatever he gave me it could probably kill a normal guy.Bruce told me only to use it on Jackie if...well, this happened?"

"What do you think' is wrong with him? That was horrible.... did you see the look on his face?"

"Did I want to?"

"God, no."

"Whatever his problem is, it's gotta be why he's been acting so weird lately. let's get him home quick before the GCPD finds him."