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Stephanie's Journal: Meltdown (1)

Stephanie's Journal: Meltdown (1)
It started with a call from Johnny Arlington. He told us him and Jackie were hanging around in the Gotham Heights park when Jackie vomited on the ground. It got worse when he told us he tried to scoop up his own vomit and then walked off holding his head groaning in pain. Tim and I suited up when the news radio blared on about seismic activity and damaged buildings in the Gotham Heights area. Something terrible was happening to Jackie. Honesty, I figured something would with how he's been recently. I hate putting it this way because Jackie is a perfectly fine kid for the most part, but he's a "special" case. When we got to Gotham Heights it was just surreal. Rock spires poked out of the ground everywhere, buildings were damaged , and street lights above were blown out. It left a trail for us to follow. Not that we really needed it. I heard something that's gona be in my head for a while. Pained screams coming from one voice. Jackie's voice. We found him walking down the road. He was holding his head screaming, and walking like he was injured or sedated or something like that. His back was to us so I couldn't see his face. I put my staff down and try to reach him.

"Jackie!! You gotta calm down, you'll hurt someone!! You don't want that, do you?"

He turned around, and I saw something I really, really wish I never saw, nor do I ever want to ever see for the rest of my life. The look on Jackie's face was just complete anguish and sadness, his eyes bloodshot from crying so much. There was no way he could calm down. He was in too much pain. It was terrifying and heartbreaking to look at. What's wrong with my little buddy? And the screaming. Again, it's gonna stay in my head for a while.


"What's wrong!? Jackie, I'm here for you!! You gotta let us help you!!"


"Make what stop!? You gotta tell me what's wrong!!"

He couldn't. He just kept holding his head, crying and screaming. He fell to his knees and everything started to get terrifying. More rock spires burst out of the ground, one nearly hitting me. A phone line across the street snaps and falls, nearly hitting all of us. I won't lie, I was getting really scared. I was scared for Jackie because...well, I don't need to explain it, but I was scared for myself, too. I've never seen one of his Stasis rampages before for myself, and I really didn't want to become a casualty of one. I was backing away ready to run for cover, When I saw Tim sneak up behind Jackie...