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The Breaking Point (1)

The Breaking Point (1)
"So how was the funeral? Boring, right?"

"It was really sad. Even though Savannah was the only one crying..."

"Weird. Her dad was a serious jerk. Don't know why anyone would cry for him."

"That was her dad..."

"Meh, just because they're your parents doesn't mean you have to cry for them."

"Well, at least she had a grandpa."

"Doesn't matter, he can't take care of her. Too many priors."


"Yep. She's in a foster house or something right now from what I heard. Don't know where she is now. Should probably keep an eye on that tracker more."

"Tracker? Why?"

"This is bad stuff, Jackie. Depression, self mutilation, now she's probably in shock with her scumbag dad dead. She might be suicidal at this rate."

"Oh no, that's horrible. There really is no-one there for her..."


Oh no....they get louder every time...

"You alright, Jackie? You're sweating alot."

"It's--uh, just hot out here I guess...."

"It's 70. And we're under trees."

"I've been a bit sick lately is all, I..."

"Whoa, easy, you look a little--"