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"W-where am I?...."

"Hello, Jackie."

"NO! G-get away from me! Keep the pointy things away, they hurt alot!!"

"Don't be scared, Jackie. I'm the only one who can help you."

"All you do is hurt me!!"

"What i do is child's play compared to what the world's done to you. Haven't you ever wondered why you're here? Why you're hurt all the time?"


"The world simply doesn't like your kind, Jackie. To everyone else, you're a freak of nature. You sicken them, bluntly put."

"W-why? I didn't do anything to them!"

"I know. They hate things that are different, Jackie, Things that are gifted like you. So they abandoned you, Jackie. Your parents, everyone else."

"...They're why I'm here?..."

"Yes. And behind this door they all wait outside. Would you like to tell them how you feel?..."