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Robin Investigates: The Wrong Ideas

Robin Investigates: The Wrong Ideas
" did he describe it again?"

"He called it 'asswagoning'..."

"Adam's just a encyclopedia of goofy words, isn't he?"

"Goofy is not the word that comes to mind."

"Excuse me, Master Tim, Mistress Stephanie? This is quite urgent."

"What's up, Alfred?"

"Master Jackson just arrived. He never called for me to pick him up like he said he would."

"Wait, he walked from the freaking city back to here? Why?"

"I don't know, but I assume it has something to do with why he's sobbing."

"Oh no..."


"....Jackie? Are you okay?"


"C'mon, I don't wanna see you like this. What's wrong, little buddy?"

"'s my fault...."

"What's your fault?"

"Savannah's mom. I-i...*sniff* I killed her...."

'Woah, wait. What?"

"I killed Savannah's mom! Everything that's happened to her is because of me!!"

"That doesn't make sense. You didn't kill anyone."

"I did!! She cuts herself and her dad was horrible to her and it's my fault!! And now she has no-one!! She's all alone because of me!!"

"Jackie, that's a complete load! Why do you think you killed Savannah's mom?"

"T-the priest said so! She was killed in a Stasis rampage and--and...*sniff*"

"Oh...that one's outta the bag now, huh?"

"Y-you knew!?"

"Well, yeah. Steph and I did. And Bruce probably did some digging himself. We stayed quiet because of....this, pretty much."

"It's all my fault."

"Jackie, Jackie...just calm down for a second, please. Can I tell you something?"


"You think it's your fault. it isn't. You're probably still thinking of that crap Forrester fed you before he let you lose on the city, I'm guessing?"

"Well, now I am....*sniff*"

"Jackie, Forrester is a manipulative scumbag. You know that better than anyone. You also know he's a dirty liar. Those lies turned you into something you never were and never will be again that day. What was it he told you?"

"....I was a freak. That I was stuck with him because everyone abandoned me. I deserved it because of my gifts....."

"Christ, I wanna puke just thinking about him saying that. Lemme tell you something; y'know what Steph says about you to me?"

"She...*sniff*...she always says I'm cute. It's weird every time...."

"Well, um, there's that, yeah, but lemme tell you what she tells me. To her, you're the worlds greatest little brother she never in her life dreamed of having, and she loves you for it. Think about little buddy, if the world just threw you out like garbage and you deserved it, would you have someone like that thinking about you that way?"

"....I guess not."

"Of course not. And here's another thing; it doesn't change over here with me. And I'm sure Bruce thinks alot like us. Why else would he let me take you in, huh?"


"Jackie, you are not the bad guy. You never were in your life, and you never ever will be. You're far too good for that. You're one of us, and we couldn't ask for anything better. I mean, look at how much kindness you're showing for this one girl. I can't think of a better example of what as hero is."

"*sniff* yeah...."

"Yeah! Now, Savannah. She's going through a tough time now, and I;m sure she's gonna need someone. That someone's gonna be you, right?"

"Y-yeah. I think so..."

"No, you know so. Keep going, little buddy. We're all proud of you. You need anything? You still feel sick at all?"

"N-no. I'm fine. Thank you...."

"Okay. Well, just tell us if you need anything. We're here for you..."