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"This is the audio journal of Professor Trace Forrester, head of metahuman research of STAR labs Gotham. It has been little under 4 years I believe since a young Jackson Ludwig was brought to me. After his foolish father brought him along to our labs, the child's curiosity got the best of him, and he was exposed to the Martian Artifact. This exposure lead me to take extreme precautions, hence why Jackson was taken from his home, and his parents institutionalized. As I predicted the Martian Artifact has gifted Jackson, as he now possesses telekinetic powers, possibly more. Jackson's control over his abilities is crude, however, and study has been difficult, with multiple staff members injured. Deluter restraints and a helm have been utilized to control him for study, and isolation has been mandatory. The deluter helm's effects on the child's mind won't bode well for him. Behavior patterns comparable to mental retardation are a likely effect, eliminating any chance Jackson has of returning to the outside world and thus being a useful, sociable member of society. A tragic sacrifice, yes, but sacrifices like these must be made. Beings like Jackson are the key to Humanity's next step to evolution, so I believe. Studying has also shown that Jackson might be most powerful metahuman I've researched yet. Like many before him, he holds the key to unlocking what can only be described as godhood for humanity. The ultimate being of mortal flesh and blood. The biggest issue is not that he don't have any means to reach superiority like this. Instead, it is if humanity is prepared for it. Prepared for beings of Jackson's caliber. Because of this. I believe its time for a test. A social test, so to speak..."