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  • Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    The fascinating ruins of Slains Castle lie some distance away from the nearest area of habitation.In 1913 the 20th Earl of Erroll sold Slains, ending more than 300 years of occupation by the family. It was purchased by Sir John Ellerman, the wealthy but s…

  • Silver Birch Avenue

    Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

  • Reclining tree

    Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

  • Evening coming

    Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

  • Padley Chapel Grindleford

    Padley Hall (or Padley Manor) was a large double courtyard house where, in 1588, two Catholic priests (Nicholas Garlick and Robert Ludlum) were discovered and then, two weeks later, hung, drawn and quartered in Derby. They became known as the 'Padley Mart…

  • White Edge panorama

    A view from White Edge, overlooking the Derwent Valley. The high moorland of Kinder Scout lies on the horizon to the right whilst in the centre distance is the radio mast-crowned Sir William Hill.

  • Frozen pool amidst the rocks

    An overnight frost has covered a trapped pool on a large gritstone boulder on Gardoms Edge.

  • Gardoms Edge

    On a frosty morning, a winter sun casts long shadows amongst the gritstone rocks.

  • Sun breaking out over sheep pastures

    On a foggy morning last year, close by Froggatt Woods, the sun just began melting away the overnight fog, revealing a splash of colour in an otherwise grey landscape.

  • Cowslips on the Bonsall Moor Mines

    Some years ago, in the springtime, this area of old lead mine workings was a mass of yellow cowslips. Now, for some reason, these are a shadow of their former self.

  • Crich Quarry

    Crich quarry from the air. Once busy supplying limestone for local industries, the site now is used in part by the National Tramways Museum, who have a long length of track on which their vintage tramcars are run. The tower is Crich Stand and is a war mem…

  • Footplate ride on The Mountaineer

  • Footplate ride on The Mountaineer

  • Footplate ride on The Mountaineer

  • Footplate ride on The Mountaineer

  • Mountaineer9 and Terry

  • Mountaineer8

  • Mountaineer6

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