Dennis' photos

  • Olympic Rings

    Taken at Portland Heights looking down at the Olympic training harbour.

  • Chesil Beach

    Taken from Portland looking towards Chesil beach and Weymouth harbour. On my happy holidays.

  • Penny Farthing

    Taken at Crawley last year during the London to Brighton run.

  • The Fuschia

    I picked this from one of my hanging baskets. Placed it on some black card to take a macro shot and this is the result. Hope you like it.

  • The Juggler

    Caravan Club Rally Weston Park Shropshire

  • Birthday Cake

    This is a cake made for the Queens birthday celebrations at Weston Park Shropshire. It was auctioned off later in the day.

  • Days gone by

    Taken at the Caravan Club Rally Weston Park Shropshire.

  • Spring

    Spring has sprung

  • Whitby

    The old Abbey. Whitby North Yorkshire

  • Full Face

    I took a chance with this one. Told to get off the line but not till I managed the shot.

  • Flying Scotsman

    I was lucky enough to have two tickets to travel from Grosmont to Pickering on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

  • LOTUS F1 c

    Thought I would take this one for the last race of the season and the end of Lotus. Renault back at Enstone next year. Hopefully.

  • Flying

    Flying over Northampton, Air speed was only 69 mph. Felt like it was stationary.

  • Paris

    Taken inside the glass pyramid at The Museum du Louvre Paris.

  • Distortion of Time

  • Determination

    Monte Carlo or bust.... London to Brighton will do for now. Taken at Crawley half way check point.

  • Veteran

    Another one from the London to Brighton run. 1/11/2015

  • Veteran

    London to Brighton Veteran run. 1/11/2015

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