Dave Kennard

Dave Kennard

Posted on 12/02/2010

Photo taken on April  2, 2009

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KS-1 Ball head
Manfrotto 676B Digi Monopod
Lee 216 White diffusion
Inflatable Softbox
macro bracket
Shape shifter
Wimberley F-2
Nikon SC-29 TTL sync cord
Nikon SB-800 Speedlight
Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate
shifter macro bracket
Wimberley F-2 Shape
Canon Tripod Mount Ring B (B)
Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Photo
Canon EOS 450D
Manfrotto 361 Shoulder Brace

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Canon MP-E with inflatable softbox diffused flash setup

Canon MP-E with inflatable softbox diffused flash setup
The Canon EOS 450D DSLR with Canon MP-E 65mm/2.8 lens mounted on a KS-1 ballhead attached to a Manfrotto 676B monopod with Manfrotto 361 Shoulder brace. The camera is mounted on the ballhead via the Canon Tripod Mount Ring B with an arca-swiss compatible quick release plate attached.

Also attached to the quick release plate is a Wimberley F-2 "Shape shifter" macro bracket. The macro bracket has a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight attached via a Nikon SC-29 TTL sync cord, which connects the flash unit to the camera.

An inflatable softbox is attached to the SB-800 flash head to diffuse the light, and a piece of 216 diffusion paper has been added to the centre of the softbox to try and avoid a flash hot-spot.

The monopod and shoulder brace work well for providing support when photographing insects in shrubs above ground level. Due to the use of a quick release plate, the camera can easily be removed from the monopod for ground-level work.

The inflatable softbox diffuser works well at producing a soft diffused light but is clumsy and difficult to use without bashing it into whatever your potential subject is perched on. Changing the position of the softbox, either for modifying the direction of the light, or to accommodate the changing length of the MP-E lens at different magnifications, is also quite fiddly and time consuming.