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Dave Kennard

Posted on 07/14/2013

Photo taken on August 19, 2012


Vintage camera
Kodak 1A Pocket Jr.
Kodak Pocket Jr.
Folding bellows camera
Antique camera

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Kodak 1A Pocket Jr. folding bellows camera (open)

Kodak 1A Pocket Jr. folding bellows camera (open)
The Kodak Pocket Jr. is a folding bellows camera that was introduced in 1926. The version shown here is the 1A, which took 116 size autographic film. Autographic film allowed the photographer to add notes to the film itself.

This particular camera was produced in Great Britain by Kodak Ltd London.

The camera features a 131mm f/7.7 Kodak Anastigmat lens. Shutter speeds available are 1/25s; 1/50s; and T (timed) and B (bulb) modes. The aperture is selectable from wide open (f/7.7) to f/45.

A rotatable viewfinder is attached to the lens plate allowing you to easily compose a photo in landscape or portrait orientation.

The bellows mechanism is attached to the hinged door at the front of the camera by a series of levers. This enables the bellows and lens to be folded inside the camera, protecting them from damage, as well as making the camera much smaller and easier to carry.

I have now removed the bellows and lens from this camera in order to use them on my digital camera, you can see the results here: Kodak 1A Pocket Jr. Digital Mod.