Dinahmow's photos

  • On someone's menu

    An Acalypha leaf;I suspect little grasshoppers

  • Plumeria, aka frangipani

  • Looks like pink!

    From a miserable frangipani stalk that has been sulking for years.

  • Dendrobium

    Next door.

  • Dendrobium no.12

    No idea of name as it's in a neighbour's garden.(And has had 2 previous owners!)

  • Munchies

    Katydid on a ginger flower.If it so much as looks at the rose buds....

  • Spathiglottis. Ground orchid

  • Spathiglottis

  • Phalaenopsis

    The tag has faded, but it's a John Lawrence x something! The flowers opened a couple of days ago so we have it indoors for a while.

  • Leaving the nest!

    I'd checked the sac at 8am. 3 hours later I saw dozens of tiny spiders climbing their new guide ropes and heading out into the world.

  • Gum from sticky stuff

    The beads of the sticky stuff set; consistency of glue you find on some envelops. Presumably keep the grub safe from birds?

  • Sticky stuff to close the hole

    Very sticky!

  • Hole of borer

  • Borer less than 1cm long

    Pruning a shrub,I discovered the reason for dead stems. Not old age after all!

  • IMG 1991 Qld Firewheel

  • Found it on the path.A Bush Brown, I think, but no idea which

  • tiny spiderlings

  • egg sac after leaf broke

    I assumed the small larvae you can see here were a food source for the spiders, but what if it's a predator! Anyone?

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