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Marlos Nobre (*)

Scene of “Limite” (1931) legendary film of the director and writer Mário Peixoto (1908-1992).
On may 17th 1931 "Limite" has its première at the Cinema Capitólio in Rio de Janeiro but despite Adhemar Gonzaga's efforts does not make it into commercial circuits.
At the same time Mário begins to shoot "Onde A Terra Acaba", an expensive and ambitious production
But due to personal quarrels this together with all other efforts to finish a second film – there were several serious attempts up until the mid 80s - fails and "Limite" remains the only film ever completed by Mário Peixoto.
"Limite" may be seen as on the historical limit between silent movies and talkies, a movie with a certain ambition to summon up many of the esthetic and technical possibilities developed in the 10s and 20s. From a retrospective point of view, one may link the repetition of camera shots or the close-up of details to Man Ray, find the same music score by Satie in "Limite" as in Man Rays "Les Mystères du Château des Dés " (1928), a very rhythm oriented structure as for instance in Vertov‘s Man with a movie camera (1929) or in the "Berlin Symphony" (1927) even though of a different quality and speed, as well as the very spare use of intertitles as in Murnau’s "The Last Laugh" (1924). The boat scenes in Limite might evoke parallels to Murnau’s "Sunrise" (1927) and the shouting scenes in both also bare some similarities. The moving fields and plants we may find on "Earth" (1930) by Alexander Dovzhenko and of course one should mention an enormous variation of camera movements and angles as an exploration of the medium film itself.

(*) Marlos Nobre -Toccatina, Ponteio e Fina Op. 12 -piano Clara Sverner

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