We had so many topics to discuss. Kasia just came back from Argentina.

My best friends visited me last weekend - two days and nights of talks and laugh... Photo made by one of them.

Stars of 20's...:)

We had great fun transfering ourselves into 20's.... :) Photo taken by my friend, Daria.

Problem with symmetry?

More stars...

I decided to upload one more photo from the party in the style of 20's that was organized by my company. I think this one is very funny - girls rule! :) Photo taken by my friend Daria.

Hurrah! I am ready!

Dear Friends! I am leaving my office at 5 p.m. for short holidays to enjoy skiing in the small but picturesque Polish mountains! I am going to load my batteries before the huge project. Hope to see your wonderful photos when I am back :) See you soon!

Light of my life

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