Welcome to Poland


Last weekend we were on a typical traditional Polish wedding. The weather was gorgeous! Almost 30 degrees. It was great to find a shadow and rest.

Abandoned house

We found it on our way home. But it looked full of life - as if waiting for the owners to come back...



I used to come here with my whole family on summer weekends when I was a child. There was a sand everywhere and peope were sunbathing. A few years ago the river changed her bed and whole place till the riverbank is covered with grass. I like to go there sometimes with my son, close my eyes and thing about the times, places and people who had gone.

Abandoned boats

Great place to spend a weekend

In the mirror

Foggy day? No, my breath on the lenses :)

Rain men by Riccardo

Dear Riccardo, thank you so much for nice surprise :)
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