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Macaneta beach

Easter bunnies, colored eggs, egg hunts - I do not…

07 Apr 2011 3 3 339
Dear All! On this special time I wish you to find peace, joy and love! Celebrate this beautiful season with all your dear ones.

If I could make you smile for longer

When the whole world forgets...

Yes, I am still running

Simple precious life

Love them all!

14 May 2010 20 16 419
Cannot write anything smart... Think, Viola, think!

Bye bye summer

Hello there!

25 Jul 2010 4 9 150
Curly Mick :)

Come on, guys! I cannot sleep!

I have found a little bear in the mountains!

Happiness is...

07 Jan 2010 29 16 380
... a language that doesn't speak in particular words..

In the Tatra Mountains

01 May 2010 9 10 217
I spent last weekend with my family in the Tatra Mountains. It was a very goooood time :)

It was such a purrrfect day!

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